• #1 Scenario
    00:00:00 60s

    Please review the home page, check the page header. Please, explain with your own words what this website offers.

  • #2 Scenario
    00:01:00 68s

    Find a section with the company clients logos. What companies you are familiar with and what names you see for the first time?

  • #3 Scenario
    00:02:08 55s

    Please, find a way to become a tester on the website. You do not need to sign up.

  • #4 Rating
    00:03:03 25s

    How easy was it for you to come to the last step of the tester account creation? 1 - very complex, 10 - very easy.

    Answer: 9

  • #5 Scenario
    00:03:28 36s

    Please, find an information about the service terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policies for tester.

  • #6 Question
    00:04:04 30s

    Imagine, you received an invitation to make test. The approximate duration is about 10-15 minutes, the payout is 8 euros. Is the payout fair by your opinion? What payout would be fair?